Name: Grazyna Pinkowska
Phone: 703-909-4244
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Hello Beautiful Infinite Being!

Thank you for visiting my profile and stepping into my universe!
Iím thrilled and grateful you did!
How did I get so lucky?
My name is Grazyna Pinkowska and I am delighted to be certified BARS and Body Processes Facilitator.

A little bit more about me and my pathÖ.
My whole life was about the search for something elseÖ. something more and beyond the physical aspect, the tangible reality. From the youngest age I KNEW there was something more and something else possible. When I was 4, I remember looking into the sky full of stars, thinking Ďhome, I miss my homeí. Since then there was always this longing and the sense that there was something beyond this planet and this reality.
In my early twenties I practiced re-birthing- a breathing yoga. Back in the 80-ties it was an incredible modality to erase the conditioning and programming projected by the society, family, religion, church, etc. It allowed me to re-experience my birth process as well as past lives, deaths, going through the tunnel, seeing The Light and the Tree of Life.
Among other modalities and techniques, Iíve practiced Transcendental Meditation, Channeling, communication with Angels and Archangels, The Emotion Code. I also had great affinity for herbs and nature and used acupressure for self healing.

On the physical level I enjoyed yoga and I practiced ju-jitsu for over 10 years. It was such a fun activity and I definitely enjoyed sweeping guys off of the floor! :)

In 2011 the shift in my life became even more dynamic after visiting Shiva Temple in MD. Perceiving Divine Powers and receiving messages from Shiva was an amazing experience. New pathways and possibilities started unfolding. Soon after that Iíve learned Access tools which allowed me to expand my consciousness and step beyond all the comfort zones. I continue this incredible journey of awareness, new possibilities, and conscious choices.
Here are a few questions to invite new possibilities into your life:

* What energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be that would allow you to create life beyond this reality?
* What would change if you received the brilliance of you rather than the wrongness of you?
* What have you made so valuable to you that you are unwilling to loose, that if you lost it, would give you all of you in totality?
* What is it that is truly possible for yo, that you've always known as possible for you, that because you haven't created it yet, you've decided isn't possible to show up?
* What energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be to perceive, know, be and receive the energy, space and consciousness you truly be?



BARS is an incredible, dynamic process which allows to change our limiting points of view by gently touching 32 points on our head. These points correspond to many areas of our life such as joy, sadness, aging, sexuality, money, kindness, gratitude, jealousy, blame, shame, fear, doubt, regret and many more. This powerful and dynamic process allows to unlock the polarity, limiting believes and conditioning. It opens up new possibilities, new space, and potency. Pretty incredible!
BARS have changed my life in so many ways! It continues to be such an amazing contribution to me and my life. It allows me to expand my consciousness and eliminate many contracting points of view.
As Dr. Dain Heer, the co-founder of Access Consciousness, says, ďat best itíll change your life, at worst youíll feel like you had a great massageĒ.
To read more about BARS, please go to this page:

Iím so grateful for you choosing new possibilities, choosing consciousness and expansiveness.
It would be such a great joy to be a contribution to you, your life, your living and your reality!
What would it take for you to receive this nurturing energy and to step into new possibilities?
What energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be to receive the contribution of BARS and shift your consciousness?

I offer private BARS sessions which usually last between 60-90 minutes.
The cost:
1hour and 15 minutes session is $120
extended session of 1hour 30 min is $140.

Buy 3 regular sessions for $300 (@ $100 each)- saving of $60
Buy 5 regular sessions for $475 ( @ $ 95 each)- saving of $125



Body Processes are another amazing tool offered by Access Consciousness.
There are so many possibilities with these energetic tools!!
Since Iíve started my body work, my vibrational frequencies have changed so much!! I would wake up in the morning with this incredible awareness how my body vibrates differently! Thereís such an incredible space, peace and calm and orgasmic joy at the same time. Itís a pure delight!!
Some of the most popular Body Processes are MTVSS, Celular Memory, Molecular De-manifestation and De-Molecular Manifestation, Restoration of Communion with Earth, positional HEPADS, Generation of Acoustical Molecular Structure, Oldings, Correcting Vision, Energetic Facelift and many, many more.
All these incredibly nurturing energies contribute to greater awareness, potency and joy of embodiment. They also undo the programming that keeps you from stepping into greater possibilities. Your body is very aware and it gives you information all the time. Much of the pain people experience is an awareness of the energy of the world around as well as the inner thought process.

Would you be willing to have different reality with your body?

What if having a body and embodiment is completely different than what youíve been taught?

What contribution can this awareness be to your life, living and reality?

What would it take for you, as the Infinite Being, to gift your body with this incredible nurturing energy?

I offer private Body Process sessions which usually last 60 minutes. It can last longer, depending on your body requirements and changes you're willing to go through.

The cost:
One 60 min session is $105.

I also offer classes to teach these amazing processes. Each class lasts about 6 hours and covers any two Body Processes. It allows the participant to gift and to receive each process twice. Price @ $120.

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