Name: Rani McNally
Phone: +44 7572 601234
Congleton, Cheshire & St Albans, Hertfordshire.
England, UK
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In 1990 I suffered a traumatic, debilitating back injury that left me with severe muscular, skeletal and hormone imbalance problems.

In order to regain my health and restore my sense of wellbeing I turned to complementary health therapies, and after much experimentation and personal discovery, I found Access Consciousness.

It’s a powerful tool which helped to relieve and reduce my physical and mental symptoms and to restore balance, enabling me to lead a normal, rewarding and fulfilling life.

This inspired me to gain further knowledge and understanding – which I now use to help others to promote the healing power that is already contained within us.

I really enjoy teaching people and would like to invite you to one of my courses and see what energy, space and consciousness that we can create to help each other and the world around us. There is a better world out there waiting for us like minded people to create for ourselves and for the good of mankind.


“Rani provides a unique blend of treatments - very effective and personalised to treat the core issues. I have received treatment many times over the years and it has helped me so much that I have recommended my father and friends. Rani is very knowledgeable and treats the whole mind, body and spirit. I would recommend her whole heartidly for an alternative holistic approach.”
SD St Albans

“I have had Rani’s treatments for many years and I am a true believer in her commitment, knowledge and skills. She has helped me immensely by relieving both short-term and long-term physical and mental conditions that I have endured, with great success.“ JM, Cheshire

“Thank you for all your help and because of your treatments we have our little girl back...”
EB, Luton

“I had treatments from Rani for approximately three years. These included Reiki, EFT and energy treatments. She is probably the best therapist I have ever encountered. She has incredible insight into people and is scrupulous about confidentiality. Rani is the only person I have ever met who is close to pure light.”
PM, St Albans

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