Name: Dee Hughes
Phone: 519-465-4060
Address: 6 Windward Place
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Hi everyone! I'm excited for you to read through my mini-bio and from here, create more choices!

Access Consciousness definitely contributed to the awareness of choices. I knew I had choices before, yet there was usually still some lingering limitation in that, if that make sense to you. And if you'r ea humanoid, it will make sense :)

I had no idea where the first Access Bars class was taking me (mid 2012). Then since it didn't make sense, plus a death in the family, I decided to take it again, not as much to teach it, more to fill in the blanks from taking it the first time. The 2nd time, with the help of Sharon Lewis, I allowed the choices and possibilities to present themselves to me.. and they did!!!

At this point, not only did I know I wanted to take it the 3rd time, to contribute towards teaching it, but also each time sure does offer a different comfort zone with it. It was worth it!

Since taking Access Bars, I've attended Foundation/Level 1 class, now called Access The Foundation. I've attended Level 2/3 class in Florida, as well as the 3-day Body Process class. I've even completed the Talk to the Entities class in St. Catherines with Kimber Wilkins. They've all been amazing classes! This year, 2017, I'm looking forward to what other classes I choose.

If you are ready to clear out limitations of all kind, make and model; mind chatter, doubt, jealousy/envy, fear, regrets (was a biggie for me), anger (another biggie for me), and so on.. as the list goes on. Access has so many body processes that are all focused on helping us become who we are meant to be, without the weight of the world on us, without the weight of all the anger, doubt, guilt, fear, and so on. So we are free to be who we are meant to be.

I'm still learning who I am, and when I come across something in me that I realize I'm not crazy about, I have choices. Find ways to clear it out? or perhaps I just have to iron it out a bit?

With all the other energy techniques I've learned and facilitate, Access has taught me a lot about listening to my body in ways I never use to. This awareness has offered me self-care techniques that I didn't realize existed.

I still have a ways to go before I reach 'perfect'.. and in the meantime, I wil continue to enjoy and embrace all that I continue to learn through meeting more people, meeting more friends, meeting more teachers, more students, more clients. I'm not ready to let this end just to be perfect.

Choices..what will your next choice be?

All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory! How does it get better than this :)

Stay Blessed,

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