Name: Tom Galligan
Phone: 00353872513322
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When I finished university I worked as teacher and then as an executive in the agricultural business. I then set up my own business which I ran for 25 years. During that time I was always interested in own my personal development and growth. While at university I started practicing meditation and in the years that followed I studied many different modalities with many different teachers to become more aware and have more peace and joy in my life. However I always felt something was missing with each course or modality that I studied and practiced and although I felt I got something out of each course the search continued.
In March 2012 I went to an intro talk on Access Consciousness at the Body, Mind, Spirit show in Dublin, Ireland and after the lecture I had my Bars run. The experience of having my Bars run is like a deep meditation where my body relaxes completely and I become more space, more expansive, and more relaxed. Since then I have become a Bars Facilitator, and did many Access courses that have totally changed my life in the most positive and dynamic ways; I know this is only the beginning.
In March 2013 I attended the Access Facilitators Training in Rome and I am now a Fully Certified Access Facilitator. I am so excited and look forward to facilitating Bars, Foundation, and Level 1 classes. My deep desire is to Facilitate Consciousness and I am open to traveling anywhere in the world to do so.
What I love about Access Consciousness is the level of awareness class participants gain in such a short period of time. My own life has becomes easier and I experience more fun, joy and expansion everyday. The Access tools are truly dynamic and the level of change is awesome when you use them regularly. Choice creates awareness, so I would invite you to choose an Access class to expand your awareness and create a life filled with Ease, Joy and Glory. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?
I would invite you to have your Bars run and to learn how to run Bars. Learning how to run Bars is so easy and so beneficial both to you and the person you are running bars on.
Access has so many amazing courses which are available on the Access site.
You and the world need Access Consciousness now.
Thank you
Tom Galligan

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