Name: Kalpana Raghuraman
Phone: +32471315038 / +31611361571
Address: Brussels / Belgium
the Netherlands, France, Belgium
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Do you get excited when you think of possibilities?
Have you often felt that there should be more to life?
Do you believe that life should be more about change and possibilities and less about problems and fighting?
Then you have come to the right person!

My name is Kalpana Raghuraman, I am a Certified Facilitator, Bars Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator. I am also a choreographer, dance teacher, performer, anthropologist (Masters), writer and much more! With all this in my background, I am able to use the Access tools in a very dynamic way and hope to introduce you to this magic too! Are you ready to out-crete yourself?!

What if all the things you always thought should be possible, but people told you were not possible, actually are possible?!
What if life did not have to be about blood, sweat and tears?
What if life should indeed be about thriving and not merely surviving?
What if life and this world can work for you instead of against you?
And what if you were a creator and master of your life instead of its victim or slave?
What if everything was changeable, malleable? What if the molecules of this universe are waiting for you to talk to them, ask them things so they can gift you?
If any of this excites you: keep reading!

Do you remember the last time you were really completely relaxed?
Do you feel stuck in some part of your life, or do you simply want more?
Do you wish to have more ease with your body and less aches and pains?
Do you have high-energy kids that often drive you up the wall?
Do you not know how exactly to cope with their or your own stress?
The answer to all of this could be a session or a class with me!

*SOP: can also be done long-distance!
*Verbal Processing: can also be through Skype!

*1-day Bars Course
*2-day Foundation Course
*2-day Level One Course
*Half a day Body Process course (you learn 1 body process)
*1-day Body Process course (you learn 2 processes)
*Right Voice for You Intro Class
*Seduction of Embodiment: my Access Consciousness™ Specialty class

Clearing nights are all about clearing stuff that is up for you regarding a specific topic. Through the verbal processes we can unstick you from where you are stuck and create more ease and space in various areas in your life.
A clearing night is a very effective and fun way of creating change by asking questions. The participants of the night are the ones who create the class: your questions will allow for things to be cleared, and for awarenesses to be brought up. Things change with true ease and speed here.
You can request for a clearing night!

Possible Topics:
*Changing your finances and the drama around money
*Your body as a friend
*Tired of being tired?
*The love of your life: finding & ‘keeping’ THE ‘one'
*Kids: love them..sometimes wanna kill them

Topics of these clearing nights can also be turned into 1-day classes: ask me and I can organize it!

TESTIMONIALS of people after a session or a class:

"I have never felt so light in my own body "

"My son has less problems dealing with his ADHD due to the Bars! "

*just like to say thanks, for my whole reality is shifting. Never felt better up till now!

"For me receiving a Bars-session is like a deep meditation. This is different compared to other bodywork because the emotional aspects get touched and cleared without activating it (which often blocks you from letting go of certain patterns and can get you stuck in the drama of it). I love it…. it seems that getting sessions regularly, I have more ease to recognize patterns in every day life and I let go of them with more ease. After a session I feel fresh and reborn. "

“Since I am receiving Body process sessions, I feel so different. Actually I have never felt so light in my body, ever!

*My recommendation: Seduction of Embodiment
This class totally shifted my awareness of me, my body and embodiment in total. I walk different, I talk different. I’m aware that every limitation I encounter isn’t me and did I already mention I have soooo much fun. Kalpana is a real powerhouse, I’m so grateful for her grace, strength and kindness. Truly inspiring the way she embodies.

"After a Bars-session my hard belly is soft and me and my baby sleep so well. "

" Before sessions with Kalpana I used to have such intense pain in different parts of my body. I also used to get stuck with so much ‘drama’ in my life. All of that has completely changed now, unbelievable! "


DIt is een uitnodiging voor verandering en gemak in je leven:

Geweldig dat je me gevonden hebt !

Als een artieste, ben ik altijd op zoek naar verandering en mogelijkheden via lichamen. In mijn ervaring is Access Bars een van de krachtigste methodes en het is een feest om dit te mogen delen met mensen !
Ik geef sessies in Access Bars en daarnaast geef ik ook cursussen om de Access Bars te leren zodat je jezelf en mensen om je heen kan helpen.

Een Access Bars sessie is een zeer ontspannende en verzorgende methodiek waarbij alle rommel in je hoofd wordt verwijderd : alle overtuigingen, denkpatronen, verwachtingen en oordelen over allerlei aspecten van het leven. Door een Bars sessie te nemen worden deze ‘documenten’ verwijderd zodat je meer open kan staan voor en in het leven. Hierdoor leef je meer vanuit actie in plaats van re-actie.

Een Bars sessie is onder andere goed voor :

* Stress vermindering of burn out
* Migraine aanvallen
* Insomnia
* Zwangerschap, bevallingen en postnatale blues
* Babies en kinderen
* Depressies
* Blessures
* Post-operatieve zorg
* Reuma
* Versterking van het immuun systeem
* Relatie problemen
* Geldzaken
* Loopbaan keuzes / veranderingen in carriere
* Voor examens en betere cijfers
* ADD / ADHD / Dyslexia/ Autisme
* Om jezelf te verwennen !

Sessies en lessen kunnen in het Nederlands, Engels of Frans worden gegeven.

Als je klaar bent voor Verandering, voor Meer Gemak en Minder gedoe, Meer Gezondheid en voor Keuzes en Mogelijkheden
Bel of email me!

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