Name: Tracey Whittet
Phone: 3038037840
Address: 2981 Plaza Blanca
Santa Fe
New Mexico
United States
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What if whatever is up for you could release easily and quickly? HA! Could you allow that to show up?!

Access Consciousness came into my life when I was so ready to surrender to what was happening in my life. I couldn’t have been sadder. A dear friend had just taken a Bars class and offered to “practice on me”. During my first Bars session I felt pulsing waves of white light and had a feeling space of serenity that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. As I was driving home I noticed it felt like a cool breeze was flowing through me as if there were no boundaries at all. It was amazing!

I knew I had to have more of whatever the heck Bars was…A week later I took my first Bars Class and I’ve facilitated Bars sessions for my friends and family ever since. Now I am a Certified Bars Facilitator and have taken the Foundation and Level 1 classes from Gary Douglas, the Founder. I love Access Consciousness! Empowering individuals is a gift that keeps on giving. It simply creates more space in your life to BE YOU.

I have studied many, many energy work modalities and Bars is the best so far for creating quick, effective and easy change. It is so great to get out of our own way, remember our greatness and master our life!

I offer all that I am for you. What if the more we receive the more we become?

Are you tired of the struggle? Are you willing to receive? What if you are the gift you are waiting for? What if whenever you’re willing to destroy and uncreate and let go of something that is limiting you, it automatically and instantly opens up the space for something less-limited or even unlimited to show up?

I am available for Bars Classes and individual sessions. I look forward to being with you.

With Love and Light,

What People Are Saying:

My mother, Tracey Burrell, is a jack of all trades when it comes to energy work. Her newest venture is with a process referred to as BARS; and as with all the work she does, it is very beneficial to both mental and physical states of being. By merely placing her fingers on certain areas of your bone structure, for instance holding points on the back of your skull, she opens the pathways for the energy to flow and release. I won't spoil it for you any more, try it out for yourself! You shan't regret it! :) (DB)

Thank you for helping me move out of a really dark space. It was your healing spirit which gave me strength. After our Bars session I had nightmares for four nights of past experiences. I allowed it to pass. However, I felt the REAL change on the 5th morning before work. I had the simple joy of my Broncos loofah while I was in the shower, and "poof!” I knew I was clearing energy that no longer belonged to me. I no longer wanted to leave my life. Your energy is divine. I am loved and you pulled me through a threshold I could not get over alone. Truly amazing feeling. (NMB)

I felt pulsing waves of light. It felt like you were still at my feet even though I knew you were holding points on my head! Bars creates a calm-it’s ok kind of feeling. (SB)

Tracey Burrell is a gifted energy facilitator. She is a joy to work with as she is constantly following what's light, generating change, and expanding consciousness. (DS)

The most exciting thing about the Bars experience is the actual results from the process. During the session I feel the energy physically moving in my body and at times it feels like the top of my head opens and energy is released from my body, mind and spirit with a tingling, buzzing, dizzying sensation. Amazingly the shifts in daily life manifest and I attribute these changes directly to the work from the Bars session. Life really does show up differently after each and every Bars Session. Try it, you'll like it! (VB)

From my experience with Tracey it seems she is a natural at facilitating healing with Bars and many other energetic modalities. Her caring, attentive response to your needs is truly a gift she loves giving! (TN)

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