Name: Silvia Rios
Phone: 773-960-8831
Address: Chicago Fort Lauderdale
Illinois/ Florida
USA/ Worldwide
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I was born in Argentina and arrived in the US in 1991 to work as a Physical Therapist.How did I get so lucky? I live in Chicago and Florida. I have been a seeker all my life, had that sense of not belonging and looking for the next thing, I have done meditation, clairvoyance, healing and now being in Access I have found that I am the creator of my experience and my life is a constant transformation.
The tools offered by Access are amazing! I know that the possibilities are infinite and continue to release limitations on a daily basis
I use these tools in all areas of my life: as a facilitator, in Physical Therapy, Real Estate, relationships and business

I do private sessions for BARS and body processes, facilitate BARS, Body processes, Foundation and Level I classes.
I can come to your area to facilitate a private class or if you are interested in hosting we can create a class.
I also Facilitate in Spanish. How does it get any better than that?

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory

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