Name: Jenn Possick
Phone: 828-216-8370
St Pete
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Jenn Possick is a Facebook maven, speaker, and consultant for conscious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business on Facebook.

Through her blog posts, free video trainings, and online courses, she’s here to show you how to get more customers and clients while breaking it down step-by-step into simple, digestible bites to get more fans, more leads, and more sales.

And when she’s not teaching small business owners to thrive online, you can find her indulging in reading YA fiction, swimming in the ocean, and playing with her 3 rescue dogs.

Meet Jenn Possick and get ready to fall in love with Facebook at

I was once at a workshop where the facilitator said, "No one is dragged to an Access Class." I laughed out loud, because I kinda was. My mom heard about Access Consciousness from a friend of hers who was teaching a Bars Class. She went to that class and a couple more before telling me that I just had to go with her to the next one. And so, August of 2012, she registered me and drove me with her to my first Bars Class.

While I was (willingly) dragged to my first class, I jumped at the chance to learn more. I listened to Dain Heer's Being You, Changing the World, read several other books written by Gary Douglas and attended as many classes as possible. I began using Access tools in every area of my life. And since then magic has been happening.

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