Name: Madeline Michaels LMT, LDHS
Phone: 212-369-1992
New York
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Madeline Michaels is a dedicated Health Practitioner and Energy Wellness Specialist. Her work spans over 30 years of spiritual pursuit, the study of body structure, and the body mind connection with master teachers from around the globe. Madeline owns a thriving practice in New York City for Holistic Bodywork, Healing and Detox programs for women. She discovered Bars Energy Healing 3 years ago and now joyfully shares the benefits of Access Bars with others.



Best Bars Class so far...
I just returned from another classroom for bars! It was actually my 4th time repeating this class because I feel I didn't quite get all the points clearly prior.

My instincts were correct, the person giving this "bars training" was really remarkable. Madeline Michaels knows how to teach so well. She took the time to be clear, creative and caring about how she presents Access Consciousness Bars Training. She allowed each student to have a voice as some of them got their first class. Madeline really cared that what I learned would be clear and concise and made sure that I would be a remarkable practitioner. Madeline seems to hold the passion for this work and wants the people she trains to far exceed herself. That's the sign of not a good or great teacher, its the sign of a remarkable one.

After this class, I was so much more excited to begin practicing a lot more than even the first training (and that was pretty exciting too). Though I learned a lot from all the other Bars Facilitators, Madeline made it all come together. I felt more confident and inspired by this work and look forward to going on the be as wonderful a bars facilitator as she is.

Thank you Madeline Michaels! Esta Libero


I feel that you were a loving presence during one of the very hardest periods of my entire life. Even after being forced to leave NYC I continued to feel your love and support and do to this day. I value and appreciate so much that you believed I would heal and would get were positive, caring...the love of another person is even more help than any treatment.....who delivers it is far more important than what is being delivered. God uses us if we are willing and I appreciate that you are so willing. Thank you Madeline. Chamonix


I feel you poured magic potion on me!
Thank you Blessing. xxx Roxxe

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