Name: Caryle Tracy
Phone: call/TEXT 856. 873. 4238
New Jersey, Pennsylvania
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Hello, and Welcome to this moment together....
Thank You.

Please join me in the many offerings available...

Access Bars is a wonderful place to Be.

Are You perhaps feeling a bit stuck, a bit stagnant, a bit BORED with Your Life?

How Does It Get Any Better Than That?
What Else Is Possible?

What Do You Know?

What Are You Willing To Be, Do, and Have?
What Are You WIlling To Create and Generate?

Is It Possible That You Have Arrived Here On Target ?!?!?!?


Release, Release, Release is key to the clearing of much of what ails us in this reality.
And the Bars and Body Processes are amazing at facilitating these releases....

Feel the freedom to come join in Access Bars classes, Access Bars Gifting and Receivings (in unique ways), and Access Body Process Classes!!

I invite You to join me in this very safe and sacred space

My journey in this lifetime is pretty much like yours may be...
Ups, Downs, In-Betweens, the Goods-Bads-Uglies, Struggle,
Love, Beauty, Abundance, Joy, Receiving,
All Manner of Fascinating Events that we have created and have created us...


Our choices continually create ourSelf and our life.


Is Now the Time for You to Choose for You?


(when we choose for ourSelf...
the rippling effect is far greater
and has more magnificent results
for ourSelf and others
than when we choose for them
and/or allow them to choose for us...)


Are YOU ready to be who You Be? Are You ready to release that which you see as keeping you back,
holding you stuck, maintaining that never-ending cycle/circle of pain on all levels,
keeping You hidden, preventing you from receiving and having Your Precious Life?


Are You willing to Create a Life of Ease for You?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I invite You. to join me.
Come. Play. Have. Fun. Have. Joy.

Taking it all Lightly is the way to :0))

I have recently been guided to offer Private Bars Classes;
They require a minimum of two people.
The class can be done in one or two sessions if You require...
If this is interesting to You, please get in touch... :0))

Also, Private Body Process Classes are available. (two person minimum/ timing varies...)

call/TEXT 856. 873. 4238

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I am a Registered Nurse
whose personal and professional experiences
have brought me to be able to gift and receive
many tools that have created healing in my life;
these are just a few...

I have come from heading into a wheelchair and/or death from this lifetime
to Being Alive...
Access Consciousness Tools are very large in my toolbox :0))
and I am so very Grateful...

I am an Access Bars Facilitator
& an Access Body Process Facilitator

I do Private Bars and Body Process Sessions

I am a Natural Rhythms Certified Conscious Dance Facilitator;

. . . . . My Natural Rhythms work, which goes far beyond just
Dance, has a gorgeous integration with Access Consciousness tools :0))
. . . Natural Rhythms works with the Five Elements
( Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit )
to Create Your Life How You Choose It to Show Up!!

I am a Healing Touch Practitioner ( a Nursing Certification Program )

and I Am & do many other things that are unattached to words in this ten seconds...


as a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room,
I was so very honored to work with Beyonds...
I experienced and witnessed amazing occurrences...

and - - - I know stuff and I can figure stuff out and facilitate You to do so, also... :+)

Come. Work. Play. Have. Fun. EnJoy. Be. Whatever.....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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