Name: Blossom Benedict
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Everything has changed so very much, so very quickly... and I am so, so ridiculously grateful.

I've spent a huge number of nights in this lifetime sobbing on the floor, praying to anyone who would listen, eating everything or nothing in strange orders backwards while standing on one foot, fighting with my body, throwing up food, not sleeping... and seeking, seeking, SEEKING.

Answers. The right way. The perfect choice. The best way to eat. The right school, career, advice, body, guru, god, energetic, yoga, raw, chakra, healing, answer.

Access was not that answer. I did not figure out what I should be or do and how. Instead I started being. I started looking for questions instead of answers, and everything in my life began to change.

With tools to create my life from fun and possibility, from joy and magic, and from choice, my mind became less obtrusive and my body began to communicate with me. Health problems that no doctor had been able to diagnose disappeared. Chronic pain disappeared. I got off thyroid mediation & prilosec. My sleeping went from 12 hours a night and being exhausted to 7 hours and feeling great. I stopped sobbing on the floor and I began to generate my life-- not from what I had believed was required, but from choice.

I made a list a couple years back of things I desired in my life. I pulled it out not long ago and was stunned to see pretty much everything I have ever asked for has showed up (or more accurately- I have created) in the last 2 years! Everything! And the few things still on the list, I know I either don’t truly desire, or they are already in progress.

Still… the biggest changes no one can see. For me, seeing I have choice in a situation I would have seen as final, or feeling absolutely at ease when everything appears to be going wrong, are the jewels. I came to get fixed, but what I got was far greater. There is nothing I would trade to have my mind or life back as it was.

I continue to go to access classes because they work. For me, they work. They make my life more rewarding and fun. I feel better. And they are full of practical tools I use daily. My life looks closer and closer to what I always imagined was possible but hardly dared to dream.

Further, I am continuously astonished by how different everything is from what it appeared to be. I am continuously uncovering new awareness that expands my life, my living and the joy I have for being alive.

I facilitate access classes because I love them. I love to see what is possible and how quickly change occurs when people are willing to let things go, to ask questions and to look from another point of view. Seeing people step into their knowing and uncover the joy of being them is rewarding beyond measure.

I would love to answer any questions you may have. I am available for private sessions, bars, foundation & level 1 classes and am happy to travel for groups. I am also a Right Body For You, Right Voice For You and Right Riches For You facilitator.
If you’d like to watch one of my Right Voice Classes and step into finding your voice in the world, please visit this link:

"Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life- greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine.

What if you would open the doors to being everything you have decided it is not possible to be? What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world?" Gary Douglas

Have you always known you had so much more inside you? Have you wondered why it seems to be so much easier for everyone else?

There are tools. Practical, easy, concrete tools that can get you wherever you are going with greater ease and joy and glory. There is SO much possible! Come play!

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Access Bars® 22/Jun/2017 Holland, Michigan Blossom Benedict