Name: Nikki Todd
Phone: 832-647-9758
Address: 1203 S. Hill St.
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Like many, I used my gifts at a very early age. Stuff happened and I shut down. Opened up a few years later, and shut down a few years down the road. This would continue. Each time I'd open up further and further, and retreat less and less.

Finally, it was time to open up as much as possible. By then, fear took over because why else would I not be willing to be all of me - it must be something horrible I blocked.

Gary and Access have been on my radar from the mid-90's. Several of my friends in NYC had gone to his workshops and were blown away. Yet, I was studying elsewhere and I got it wasn't for me at that time.

Life moved on and so did I. I was living in Alaska when I had a dream about Access and Gary. I woke up with the knowledge - it's now time. My thought was - couldn't I have done this when I was in the lower 48. Where am I going to have to go to take the Bars. Lo and behold, there were Bars classes right here in Anchorage. Woo Hoo. We're having fun now.

Access blows me away. Doing the bars on clients blows them away and changes their lives easily. Access has changed my life easily as well.

I can't wait to see what more Access has to offer me and my clients and students. What else is possible? How much more fun can we have? How does it get any better than this?

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