Name: Helma Gumpp
Phone: 360 379 1372
Port Townsend
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Born in Germany..... l moved to the United States in 1973......spent most of my life behind a desk and it never felt real to me until one day in 1987 l had my first reflexology session and that changed my life......a few years later l became certified in reflexology in NYC and then became a licensed Massage Therapist..... and then Reiki Master... and then all sorts of workshops called to me ......... but nothing truly got me more excited than......

ACCESS BARS left a big impression on me.... l had tons of energy the next day and the day after..... and every time l get my Bars run.... and so l got totally hooked..... l enjoy giving Bars sessions so much that l became a Certified Bars Facilitator so that l can teach you how to run someone's BARS....

What you can experience...

deep relaxation - dynamic energy - lowered levels of stresss - overall sense of well-being -
healing physical and body issues - reduced judgment of self and others - the ability of being
more present in every situation - overcoming fears - a heightened sense of intuition - better
communication - more youthful appearance - better sleep - more focus and clarity - more
joy, ease and lightness....

and all that by just holding 32 points on the head that relate to creativity, money, control, joy,
sadness, healing, body, communication, and more..... and allows you to let go of limitations and attachments in those areas ....


30 minute FREE Consultation ....

So l invite you to explore and experience it for yourself.....perhaps have two or three sessions before you make a decision whether this really works for you ......
how does it get any better than that ?????

$80 for a 90 minute session .... sliding scale available

$300 for a one day Access Bars Class - for couples $50 discount
which lets you offer sessions to clients or you can share it with family and friends
and experience the SHIFT

8 CEU's available - also accepted at NCBTMB


"Thank you Helma for introducing me to Access BARS.. After 8 months of sciatic discomfort in my right leg l was amazed how fast Access Bars worked for me……. " Inge, Port Townsend

"Helma is one of the most upbeat people l know. l feel blessed to know her and grateful for the opportunity to receive BARS sessions from her. When l am done l feel relaxed, calm, more present, and ready to more easily show up for my busy life. l feel a gentle heart opening to possibilities and empowerment to move ahead with confidence. Thank you Helma for being the positive, loving Healer that you are ! "… Lisa, Port Townsend

"i had the benefit of Helma's Access Bars treatments. l am amazed that something that seems so simple can have such profound results. l find that l am able to let go of barriers that have prevented me from accomplishing things in my life. l am more creative and organized and more importantly it has allowed me to be more open and go more deeply into my spiritual process. l am now willing to try things l would have avoided in the past. l am very grateful that Helma shared this new modality with me and encourage everyone to have a BARS session to see for themselves…. " Pat, Ocean Shores


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