Name: Henriette Alban
Phone: 610 372-4572
Address: 103 South 5th Street
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What an amazingly effective, enjoyable way to expanded awareness in all areas of your life. The BarsŪ help incorporate shifts of change with greater ease, allowing you to facilitate your own expansion with confidence.

The BarsŪ facilitate the release of electrical, energetic charges held by the body since birth and having your Bars run once a week, especially during times of change, can be an effective way to heal many things in your life, help you be more decisive and focused and operating from your own wisdom and direction, strengthening that part of us which guides us with care and love.

Client Comments:
My first Bars session triggered imagery that led to an understanding of the status of a frightening childhood experience which had continued to influence me. The 2nd session was very relaxing. M.R., PA

[After the Bars session with Henriette] I felt very "free" and exhilarated. It was a lovely feeling - and I do remember it affecting my ability to let go of being fearful. C.L., PA

Having my Bars run by Henriette was an amazing experience. She is a gifted healer- I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their life and expand their consciousness through body work. C.B., NY

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Thank you,
Henriette Alban ND

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