Name: Ramona Kleespies, MaED
Phone: 602-568-8092
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Ramona Kleespies knows all too well the toll that chronic health conditions can have on quality of life. Up until two years ago Ramona would have described herself as a life long chronic migraine sufferer of which traditional medicine could do nothing but medicate. Sheís had CAT scans, PET Scans, X Rayís, IVPís, you name it. Determined to find the origin of her headaches Ramona researched and pursued every route possible including traditional western, naturopathic and energy medicine including, hypnosis, NLP, EFT and TRE. Just as she was about to consider vagus nerve stimulation she was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness and is now headache free.

A student of lifelong learning and exploration and 25 years as a professional recruiter Ramona has worked with thousands of individuals over the course of her career providing career coaching and placement. Her passion for the study of human nature coupled with her personal journey and intuitive nature provide her with the ability to see directly into anotherís life and identify the self defeating- limiting behaviors and illnesses brought about by conflicting beliefs and linguistic patterns learned in life. She is often recognized for her seemingly magical communication ability that opens hearts and minds of those she coaches and facilitates. Her knowledge, experience, loving nature and sense of humor are make her a joy to experience.

She is well known for her ability to facilitate others with chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines and generalized body pain. Ramona has a private practice in Phoenix providing individual sessions, group classes and public speaking.

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Training and Eduction

- Access Certified Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator
- MAED Adult Education and Distance Learning, University of Phoenix
- B.S. Business and Public Administration, University of Arizona
- Landmark Education - Curriculum for Living and Seminars
- Massage Therapy Program, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
- TRE Level One Training
- EFT Level One Training

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