Name: Donna Salemink
Phone: (720) 314-7197
Colorado and beyond
USA and beyond
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Donna offers classes live and online on topics ranging from tasters on sex and relationship, to the RRFY™ New Beginnings class, to classes geared specifically towards the body including immune system boosters, correcting vision, as well as the Access Consciousness™ core classes: Bars® and Foundation… And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Beyond facilitating classes, Donna manages several businesses, is a living and relationship coach, a body worker, and a Symphony of Possibilities practitioner.

Unendingly grateful for Right Relationship for You™ and Access Consciousness™, Donna uses the tools and body processes to help her clients change their lives, their relationships, and their bodies beyond what most people conceive as possible. The target for a class or private session is as unique as each person she works with.

Donna adores her children, Duncan and Melissa, and is grateful their teen years are nearly over. She can be found learning about leadership, connection with the Earth, her body, and about true presence on the back of a horse. Else you can find her wandering a trail or swimming in the lake with her best friend and companion, Sunny Dog.

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Please enjoy this personal note from Donna:

My life has changed in magical and exuberant ways that make getting out of bed each morning a joy that was truly impossible before stumbling into my first Bars® class. I used to believe I had to protect myself from energy and worked hard at separating myself from anything nurturing and kind to me. Bars® is what started to unlock me from that insanity and what opened the door for my body to truly relax.

Thank you Access Consciousness™!

Sharing The Bars® with seekers around the world expands the possibilities for everyone and I'm happy to facilitate this class. What if you had the adventure of living? The joy embodiment? The acknowledgement of the gift you be in the world?

What if it all starts with the Access Bars®?

If truly thriving beyond surviving can be possible for me, I wonder what's possible for you if you'll step into the gentle kindness of this work?

I wonder what we can create together? See, you are the most important person in class! It's your willingness to show up and ask questions that allows dynamic possibilities to open for all of us.

Please contact me with your questions.

A life of curiosity is always more joyful than one of conclusion.

Let's play with the infinite possibilities together my friend!

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