Name: Charlinda Byrd
Phone: 060 985 9342
Address: 25 Napier Road
St. Francis Bay
Eastern Cape
South Africa
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"I woke up, today!"

This is one of the most beautiful awarenesses I've been introduced to in Access. "I woke up, today! Who am I and what grand and glorious adventures will I have?"

Imagine being able to live each day from this point of creation.... What would you do? Who would you be?

What contribution could we be to each other?

Would you like to come play and have a BARS session or learn how to facilitate a BARS session? What if having a BARS session allows you to be YOU? How does it get any better than this? What life can you start living and what change can YOU be to the world?

I am in true gratitude and appreciation for Gary Douglas and Dain Heer for their contribution in my life and living and can't wait to play even more in this new realm of possibility. This space of happiness and joy. What if... what if...

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