Name: Nicole Taryn
Phone: +61 411 522 334
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Hello!! And thank you for visiting my page.

I've spent almost my entire life seeking and searching for ME. From as far back as I can recall I've been a seeker of awareness. Countless energy healings, group sessions and almost every natural therapy and modality known to man. I've tried counselling and psychologists and yet nothing seemed to lead me to myself. That door remained locked with me banging on it and shaking it, trying to get it to open. I considered myself to be 'aware' and 'conscious' until I began using the Access tools. What I had known as consciousness before then had nothing on the expansion I sensed in my universe once I began to use these tools.

Always having had a desire to assist people to create change in their lives, I studied counselling and sought knowledge on human behaviour. I would begin to learn and then get bored and disappointed. It wasn't the type of knowledge I was seeking. I knew there was more to contributing to people than psycho therapy.

When I began to use the tools and philosophies of Access Consciousness my universe expanded at such a rapid rate. I couldn't believe what was showing up for me and I became aware of the magnitude and potency at which we can generate and create a joyful life. Removing the limitations of judgement and conclusions, it was like taking the rock off the lid that was containing my infinite possibilities. I began to ask more questions. What if everyone on this planet were able to perceive that for themselves? And what contribution can I be to that?

So here I am. A Bars facilitator. I now have my Bars run regularly and each time I sense the presentation of a new awareness a new point of view and a new way of being. If you would like to have more of YOU show up, if you would like to remove the constructs and constraints of your reality then join me on this journey of global consciousness.

What else is possible??

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